1. Return of products 

Have you not yet opened the product? In that case you can terminate the contract within 14 days after receipt. We describe below how you can return the product. 


If the product is unopened, you can terminate the contract by filling in the model form for termination within 14 days after receipt of the product and forward this to us within this period. Thereupon you must return the unopened products to us within 14 days and properly packaged. The costs for the return consignment of products will be at your own expense. 

2. Returning products on which the seal has been broken

If you have already opened the product, you will no longer have the right (by law) to return the product to us. The reason for this is that it concerns a hygiene product, to which the statutory approval period does not apply.

3. General provisions for return consignments

The provisions below apply to return consignments of unopened as well as opened products. 

Return procedure 

The following is important for fast and proper processing of your return consignment: 

Please use the online model form for termination:

Always state your order number, the reason for the return (not mandatory), and which products are involved. 

Properly package your return consignment so that we receive this in good condition.

Follow the instructions in the email that you will receive concerning the return of the package. 

Please note! Keep the certificate of posting with the Track & Trace code safe. 

Assessment of the return consignment 

You will receive an email message from us related to your return consignment as soon as we have received your return consignment. We will then assess the return consignment. The returned product must in any event fulfil the following conditions before we make any repayment: 

The item must be complete;

The item may not be damaged or defective;

The product must be provided with the factory packaging;

Products must be returned within 14 days.


If you have returned a product in accordance with the return procedure set out above, we will repay the full purchase amount of the product no later than within 14 days. Repayment will take place in the same manner and to the same bank or giro account that your payment originated from. 

Postal service 

You are entirely free in your choice of postal service to engage for returning the products to us. However, it is important that you return the products to the following address (and therefore not to a collection point): 

Bralex Webshops B.V. Stavangerweg 16, 9723 JC Groningen the Netherlands 

Return costs 

The rates for returning your products will be determined by the postal service engaged by you. We have no control over these rates. PostNL and DHL are postal services that are frequently used. If a product must be exchanged or replaced due to an error on our part, the return costs will be at our expense. In the case below you will not have to pay return costs, or we will refund these return costs to you: 

The wrong product is delivered;

The package is delivered incorrectly;

The product is defective on arrival;

The product is out of date (without statement on the product page and outside the statutory best-before-date period). 


Do you have any questions about returning a product? In that case please contact our customer services:

Telephone numbers: 

0031858769678 (international)

09002353638 (NL)

025880756 (BE)


Stavangerweg 16, 
9723 JC Groningen, 
the Netherlands 
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